Five Filters for Knowing You've Heard from God

photo This weekend, Pastor Larry Knight taught on "Following Jesus by Jumping Out of the Boat".  One of the points from the message was that we should jump at opportunities from God.  The question that I get asked over and over again from people is, "How do I know if an opportunity is from God?"

Great question!

Here are five filters I've found to be helpful in determining if an idea is from God or if it's more of the Jar-Jar-Binks variety.

1. What does the Bible say?

God will never lead you to jump into an opportunity that does not line up with what He's already revealed through Scripture.

2. What do wise godly people say?

Look around for some people who have a track record of hearing from God and following his direction and ask them what they think.

3. What does experience tell me?

This one seems obvious, but consider what your past experience has been and what has been the experience of others who have pursued similar opportunities.

4. What does the Holy Spirit say?

Take time to pray and listen to what the Holy Spirit says.  We're good at asking God to listen to us, but often don't stop to listen to what He's saying to us.

5. Will this opportunity make me more like Jesus?

Simply put, the Christian life is one of being transformed more and more into the likeness of Jesus.  Will this move make me more like Jesus? Or put another way, if I say no to this opportunity, will it prevent me from becoming more like Jesus?

What other questions have you found helpful in knowing you're hearing from God?