Sermon Planning Tool - Listening to the Text

This morning I had the opportunity to share with Jay Akkerman's Preaching class at NNU about my sermon planning and writing process.  I shared a bit about how to I put together my 6-12 month preaching calendar as well as my weekly process for sermon writing.  I promised to post the outline of my writing schedule as well as a link to the Sermon Planning Tool that I use for listening to the here you go. Weekly Sermon Prep Process

(note that I come in to each week already knowing the text and topic I'll be preaching on as I typically plan out several months in advance)

Monday: Listening to the Text

I block out a couple of hours on Monday afternoons for working through the attached Sermon Planning Worksheet.  This helps me to immerse myself in the text and to have the material needed to evoke it rather than to simply explain it.

Wednesday: Sermon Writing

I block out all day on Wednesday for sermon writing.  I take the raw material from my study on Monday and begin to draft an outline of how the sermon might be structured.  I then begin writing the sermon proper and illustrating it.  It usually takes me 6-10 hours of work on a Wednesday to get to a completed first draft.

Thursday: Sermon Editing

This is what I call the "Killing Your Lovelies" phase.  I work through the message by preaching it and eliminate content that doesn't support the main point of the message.

Saturday: Sermon Run-through 

I preach through my sermon either at home or in my office from 2pm - 5pm on Saturday multiple times in preparation for communicating it in the weekend services.

Here's the link to the tool I use to do my Monday sermon prep and study work: Sermon Planner tool