Willow Creek Leadership Summit - A Grander Vision - with Don Flow, Wilfredo De Jesus, and Allen Catherine Kagina

Integrating faith and vocational calling. DON FLOW

Question 1. How does your faith affect every aspect of your business?

- Work is a place that God has called me to.

Four ways my faith affects every aspect of my business

1. Prayer Life - Beginning my day with prayer

2. Daily Interactions - Living love at work, loving not just exercising authority - There is a direct correlation between my prayer life and my ability to do this - I am called to lead with grace & truth - The company will never be more graceful or truthful than I am as the leader

3. Culture of Company  - The culture of a company shapes the lives of everyone in it - I must ensure that the underlying ethos of our company flow from Jesus admonition to demonstrate neighborly love - Commitment to the flourishing of all those it serves

4. Customer Engagement

Three commitments we make: Covenant with our Customers (tell the truth, do the right thing, keep our promises, limit our profit on transactions) Community with One Another (inclusivity, members of a body, everyone’s contribution maters, flex-schedules, fitness, college help, Common Good of Our Communities (investing in justice, beauty, community projects, service projects)

2. How much of the cure of the fall can be reversed?

We must re-imagine the future.

The description of the first creation is one of abundance.

We were given a calling to cultivate, organize, and nurture the creation.

The renewal of the world was begun in Christ, and we get to participate in it.

It’s the role of the church to help us raise our visions back.

The great reclamation project of God has begun in Christ.

We seek the creation of good, justice, and plenty in every place God has placed us in the world; in the spirit and way of Christ.

3. You evaluate employees on the metric S.E.R.V.E explain?

Leadership flows out of who we are, not just what we do.

Show Respect - A given right, not an earned privilege

Earn Trust - Clear in expectations - Consistant in actions - Speaking truth - Not being self-seeking

Reach for Perfection - Cast a vision of how things are meant to be - Not being satisfied with how things are - Continually challenge what the future can look like - Challenge without Confidence creates fear - Confidence without Challenge creates complacency - There is always another summit to climb

Value Input - Seek different perspectives - Have open conversations

Energize Others - Purpose, significance, and community - Clear purpose - Help people understand their contribution - Deep sense of belonging within the organization

The world will not form distinctive Christians, it’s the calling of the church to do this.

Imagine every church sending it’s members out into the community in the power of the Holy Spirit to exercise faith, live love, and bring hope; in the way of Christ in a specific place beginning right where you are today, with specific people beginning with the people right around you today, and for a specific purpose beginning with the purpose in front of you today.


Uganda Revenue Authority

1. 2013 Africa was the world’s fastest growing continent at 5.3% annually. 2. World Bank expects most African countries will reach middle income status by 2025 at current growth rates ($1,000 annually per individual) 3. Poverty in Africa has declined 58% were living on less than $1.2 per day…by 2010 the poverty rate had declined by 10% 4. March of last year Africa was identified as the world’s poorest continent.

My story is the story of how God came into the URA and transformed one of the most corrupt organizations in the world.

I had been there for 13 years, and the question was how could I as a Christian bring any kind of change?

2004 the job I now hold became vacant, and I was naive enough to believe that God could change anything.

Several of my friends had been praying that God could use us to change this organization.

I have not training in business, my background is in psychology.

God does not know the division between the church and politics.

I am a proudly anointed tax collector.

Two things: we had to operate with integrity and we had to

We created a new organizational structure, terminated all 2,000 people and gave everyone a chance to re-apply for their jobs.

We put 500 people on the street, and become a much cleaner and organized organization.

Things like this had to be done to deal with corruption.

We asked the tax-payers, “What kind of a service do you want from us?”

We said, “We want to serve you.  Up until now we’ve told you what to do, but we want to know how to serve you.”

They didn’t want to stand in long lines to pay taxes.

We built an online system for tax payment.

We began to fund tax education.

We front loaded service and put auditing and enforcement on the back-end.

We discovered that people didn’t want to pay because they didn’t like us, so what we did was to rebrand the old old image and began to engage the community in community service and work.

It began to build trust, it has taken 10 years, but God has invaded the Tax Authority.

We’ve seen revenue growth of 310% in the last 10 years.

We used to contribute 54% to the budget, this past year it was 72%.

I’m convinced we are not a poor nation, it’s just that we have capacity issues.

What God has done in the URA God can do elsewhere.

This is not about me.  It was always God’s idea.  He wanted medicine in the hospitals.  He wanted communities developed.  He wanted children in schools.

If we will invite the kingdom of God to where we are in the public areas, in businesses, and in churches that God will take over and we’ll begin to see better societies.


2002 I was approached by the Police Commander about the problem of prostitution in our community (Humble Park).

Anything you can do?

Yes, we can pray for you.

Prayer is good, but we cannot allow prayer to be a crutch for doing nothing.

Jesus is looking for leaders who will stand in the gap and engage their community.

You have to see the entire community as your church.

Jesus sat with the lost. Ate with the lost.  Conversed with the lost.

Jesus went towards the Samaritan woman, Levi, and the demon possessed.

For me what is sacred is the MESSAGE not the METHOD.

I’ll throw all sorts of lines and all sorts of bait to draw people into relationship with Jesus.

Nehemiah asked the question that changed the trajectory of his life…”How’s Jerusalem?”

Pastor, if you not going to do something, don’t ask the question.

With revelation comes responsibility.

Four things Nehemiah did…

1. He Prayed, Fasted, and Wept for the People of the City 2. He Planned 3. He Proceeded 4. He Persuaded

The moment you decide to stand in the gap, there will always be opposition.

Nehemiah wasn’t a prophet, a priest, or a king…he was a lay person.

The question Nehemiah asked is one we should ask, “How is __________________?”

Regardless of where you live, there are gaps everywhere.

Courage breeds creativity.

There comes a time when we must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, but one that is necessary because it is right.