Willow Creek Leadership Summit - Carly Fiorina - Defining Leadership


Leadership and Management are two different things.

Managers - work within existing constraints.

Leaders - change the order of things.

The greatest resource we have is the potential of people.

The only unlimited resource we have available to us is the potential in people.

Leadership is not about position, power, or big budgets.

The highest calling of leadership is to unlock the potential in others.


Explain why our current state is unsustainable and why another future is more desirable.

Creating a Leadership Framework is what Leaders do.

(This session was incredibly affirming as we are in the process of doing this exact thing with our congregation, staff & leadership team)

1. Strategy, Goals, Vision: Where are we going, and why are we going there?

- The leaders must define these things.

- The more specific and clear these are the better.

- Exercise: Where are we now, and where do we want to be? (very specifically)

2. Organization, Team, Structure, Process: How are we going to work together to get this work done?

- Who’s on the team?

- How are we going to get this done?

- Often the organization structure doesn’t match the goals and the existing strategy is incapable of producing the desired outcomes.

- When I got to HP we were complex and organized into 80 different business units.

- There’s lots of places with lots of structures and organization, but no shared or common goals.

- Often we’ll reorganize before setting strategy, goals, and vision.


- Structure should always follow strategy.

- And strategy should always follow mission and goals.

3. Metrics: How are we going to count and measure process?

- What gets measured is what gets done.

- What are we measuring?

- What are we rewarding?

4. Culture, Behavior, Values: What’s it like to work here?

- People will listen to the talk for awhile, but then they will start watching the walk.

- Actions speak louder than words.

- The tough question is when an organization says it holds certain values in high esteem but then doesn’t act that way.

Your organization is made up of...

20% Let’s Go!!!!

20% "Heck" No!!! We Won’t Go!!! (satisfied with status quo)

60% Skeptics (waiting…change doesn’t happen unless the skeptics are moved…have to get engaged…this creates forward momentum)

- I believe that true leadership requires faith.

- Faith gives us the gift of humility.

- Faith gives us the gift of optimism.

- Faith gives us the gift of a servant’s heart.

- Like faith, leadership is a choice.