Willow Creek Leadership Summit - Erica Ariel Fox - Winning from Within

Most of the literature on negotiation is about negotiating with other people. But what about how we negotiate with OURSELVES?

What does it mean as a great leader that one of my key roles is negotiating with myself?

There is a gap, the PERFORMANCE GAP, between your full potential, and what you do in real life.

Identify your key and consistent performance gaps and work a plan to close them.

I think of ME as being SINGULAR, but another way is to say, “I am PLURAL”.

- Walt Wittman said, “I am large, I contain multitudes.”

- “I am a man of a thousand faces.”

- "Each one of you is more like an orchestra than a soloist.” - quote from a brain researcher after studying the human brain

What I’ve found is that each of these parts of us have their own voices and are like negotiating parties.

The Big Four Voices/Faces 1. The Dreamer (Inner CEO) 2. The Thinker (Inner CFO) 3. The Lover (Inner HR Director) 4. The Warrior (Inner COO)

Are there one or two of these parts of me that I use really well, but one or two that I generally leave behind?

1. The Dreamer  - Creates possibilities - Sets strategic vision - Selects the path - Looks for the dream beneath the dream

2. The Thinker - Clarifies perspectives - Analyzes data - Manages risks - Look for rational data that motivates the thinker

3. The Lover - Cares about people - Feels emotional - Manages relationships - Collaborates with others - Look for where, not using your inner lover - Call to mind someone and appreciate them

4. The Warrior - Catalyzes Performance - Takes action - Reaches goals - Speaks hard truth - Identify someone you’re withholding truth from and have the hard conversation

If an organization is missing one of these roles it is not operating at its optimal level of performance.

The same is true for you.